A Perfect Trip Around the World Itinerary 2024 1

A Perfect Trip Around the World Itinerary 2024

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Greetings, Internet Stranger! I’m Stella Jane, author of the travel guide Get Lost, and welcome to a trip around the world itinerary! Have you always longed to take a trip around the world? Then let this trip around the world itinerary be your ultimate guide!

I have actually traveled in hundreds of cities on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica, which has its own challenges if you want to visit. That’s how I was able to gather the data to put together my ideal trip around the world itinerary that will start in New York City, my hometown, and take us literally around the world, stopping in every continent along the way.

This trip around the world itinerary can take you as much or as little time as you want. (I mean, I don’t think you could do this in a week because that would be physically impossible and really unpleasant. But you could certainly do it in the space of a few weeks. Of course, if you’d rather do it in a year, on something like this Ultimate World Cruise, then you could try that too.

For now, just follow me along on one of the most exciting trips you will every experience! Let’s not waste any more time. We’ve got a trip around the world to explore!

Perfect Trip Around the World Itinerary

trip around the world itinerary

1) New York City

I am born and raised in New York City, so of course, I have a bias towards the Big Apple. And indeed, New York is a great place to start a trip around the world itinerary.

First of all, it is simply so exciting! There are five whole different boroughs! (That’s counties in New York City speak.) We’ve got everything from world class museums, to several large parks, to the world’s most famous bridge, to a zoo, to the greatest food in the world. (Again, I might be biased, but I am also speaking pure facts here.)

Another reason that New York City is a great place to start your trip around the world itinerary is that the city has access to three different airports. If you are traveling to or from somewhere else in the United States, you can easily fly in or out of our domestic airport, LaGuardia. (Yes, it’s often ranked one of the worst airports in the world, but I promise it is improving!)

But we also have two international airports: JFK, which is in Queens, and Newark, which is just a short train trip away in New Jersey. So I hope I’ve made the case for NYC as the perfect jumping off point.

trip around the world itinerary

2) Reykjavik, Iceland

This might seem like a strange suggestion for your second stop on your trip. After all, is Iceland really the greatest country in Europe to visit?

Well, first of all, Iceland is quite lovely, as I hope you can see from my photo above. However, that’s not why I recommend starting a trip around the world itinerary here. This is a great place to start a trip around the world itinerary because Icelandair often offers cheap flights to Europe from the east coast of the United States if you spend a little time in Iceland first.

I do recommend spending a couple of nights in Reykjavik, which is a charming, if rather expensive city. You can eat some of the best hot dogs you’ll ever encounter and learn what skyr is, and you can enjoy a day trip to the geyser and waterfalls. Then get ready to meet up with the rest of Europe.

trip around the world itinerary

3) Ireland and the UK

Obviously you don’t have to stop in both Ireland and the UK, but I certainly would if I were planning my trip around the world itinerary. It’s very easy to get to Dublin from Reykjavik, and then you can just take a convenient bus over to Galway for a couple of days on Ireland’s west coast. (Ireland is a gorgeous country, but it is not a large one.)

You can spend several weeks traveling Ireland by bus, but I am assuming the time on your trip around the world itinerary is limited, so this Dublin and Galway trip would only take one week, tops. You can also just spend a couple of nights in Dublin before moving to London.

A Perfect Trip Around the World Itinerary 2024 2

It’s pretty hard to say you’ve taken a trip around the world itinerary without stopping in London, which is one of the major world cities. There is just so much to do in London! If you’re working a massive budget, you can splurge on amazing Michelin starred restaurants.

However, if you need to save your pennies, you can feast on fish and chips and sausage rolls. There are tons of free museums like the British Museum and the National Gallery and the Tate Modern…Really, London is one of my all time favorite cities, and I hope it will be one of yours too.

If you have more time to spend in the UK after a few days in London, it’s pretty easy to get around the country by train. I especially recommend Cornwall, if it’s the summer, Yorkshire any time of year, and Edinburgh, which has beautiful architecture and fascinating history. Plus, you can fly out of Edinburgh to our next destination.

trip around the world itinerary

4) Copenhagen

All of Scandinavia is worth visiting, but if you have to limit yourself to just one Scandinavian city on your trip around the world itinerary, I recommend Copenhagen. There’s a reason that they call the city Wonderful Copenhagen.

Do you like food and drink? You can indulge in smorrebrod, cinnamon rolls, and aquavit. Do you prefer the great outdoors? Go on a lovely harbor cruise or take a stroll in the botanical gardens. If you like glamour, the Danish royal family has about a grillion royal palaces for you to explore.

Spend a couple of nights in Copenhagen, and then we’re on to our next destination.

trip around the world itinerary

5) Prague

No trip around the world itinerary is complete without a stop in Eastern/Central Europe. You can visit more than one city in this region if you want to. Budapest, Krakow, and Transylvania in Romania are all wonderful choices, and you can get even further off the beaten track in the Baltic countries or Bulgaria. Or you can add on Istanbul and Athens, both of which are amazing.

However, if you only have time for one destination on your trip around the world itinerary, I suggest Prague. It really is a stunningly beautiful city, and you can see most of the main attractions without spending very much money at all. And just look at those spectacular views in my photo above! Do you really want to miss out on that?

As for food, of course meats, cheeses, and goulashes can be found all over the city. But the one thing you can’t leave Prague without trying is their beer. The Czechs consume more beer than any other people in the world, and man, do they have the thrills for the Pils(ner)! Try it for yourself, and you’ll see that Pilsner doesn’t have to be boring.

trip around the world itinerary

6) Rome

I feel a little guilty because there are so many amazing cities I am leaving off of this trip around the world itinerary. There’s Berlin and Vienna! Even in Italy alone, we’re missing Florence and Venice. But I also found Italy pretty easy to get around by train, so if you have time and can add Florence and Venice, please do so.

As amazing as so many Italian cities are, Rome is the absolute must see. There is a reason they call it the Eternal City. You can visit the ancient ruins, head to the Capitoline Museum and see some spectacular sculpture, or go to the Villa Borghese and Borghese Park for even more amazing art and nature.

Do you need me to tell you that the food in Rome is amazing? Eat as much gelato as you can, but also try some local Roman favorites like cacio e pepe pasta and suppli, which are amazing stuffed rice balls. Then get ready for even more amazing food in…

trip around the world itinerary

7) Paris

Ah! Here it is! The City of Lights! The most romantic city in the world…Paris! There are people who will tell you that Paris is overrated. These people should be avoided at all costs.

Paris has so many things to do that you will probably want to spend a week there. But even if you only have a few days, it’s still worth visiting Paris. Of course, you will already know about the famous attractions like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the artist neighborhood of Montmartre.

As for food, unlike Rome, Paris doesn’t have much of a unique regional food style. You can get all different types of French food here. Stop at a charming bistro and have some French onion soup, get a delicious falafel in Le Marais, and of course, indulge in as many croissants as you can. You’ll thank me later.

trip around the world itinerary

8) Barcelona

Our final European stop on our trip around the world itinerary is Spain’s most magical city, Barcelona. Sorry, Madrid. You are fantastic, but Barcelona is really uniquely magical.

Part of the reason for that is all of the wonderful architecture by Gaudi. His most famous work in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia church, but you can see other masterworks like La Pedrera or the Paula Guell.

The other absolute must do in Barcelona is trying tapas. There are amazing tapas restaurants all over the city, and they taste even better washed down with some cava or fine sherry. If you have trouble finding the right spots on your own, just hop on a tapas tour, and they’ll take you where you need to go!

trip around the world itinerary

9) Morocco

Ah, we come next to one of my favorite countries: Morocco! There is so much to see in Morocco, and I really do recommend spending at least two weeks of your trip around the world itinerary traveling around the country. (I guess you could squeeze it into one week, if you really had to.)

There are so many wonderful cities in Morocco, but you’ll probably want to book a group tour with an organization like Intrepid or G Adventures if you want to see the whole country in a couple of weeks. I suggest starting in Tangier, especially if you are coming from Spain because they are so close.

While you’re in Tangier, take a day trip to Chefchaouen, the famous blue city. Then you’ll want to head to Casablanca, which is where many of the group tours of Morocco meet. Hopefully you’ll be able to visit the Sahara Desert and more amazing Moroccan cities like Fes and Marrakech. You’ll never forget your time in Morocco on your trip around the world itinerary!

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10) South Africa

I do recommend seeing more African countries in between Morocco and South Africa on your trip around the world itinerary. However, South Africa and Morocco are the only two African countries I have ever been to, so I’m just making recommendations based on my personal experience.

The number one place in South Africa you should visit is Cape Town. Literally everyone loves Cape Town. You can go visit the famous penguins, take a wine tour, and explore some of the art museums.

Of course, there is the more serious side of South African history, and I suggest you go to Robben Island and the District 6 Museum to learn more about that.

If you have more time in South Africa, add some stops in Johannesburg to learn even more about South African history and go on a safari and Durban, to visit the famous Marine World and Botanical Garden.


11) India

On to Asia! Again, it’s hard to imagine a proper trip around the world itinerary without a stop at the Taj Mahal. I feel the same way about skipping the pyramids of Egypt, but sadly I have not been to Egypt, so it will just have to wait.

The easiest way to see India is on a group tour from Delhi. That’s definitely how I did it. You’ll get to visit amazing cities like the pink city Jaipur, the gorgeous lakes of Udaipur, and the sacred city of Pushkar. I’m sure you’ll also get to go on a safari and see some tigers. And of course, there will be the Taj Mahal.

Your time in India will feel too short, and then it’s on to the next country of our trip around the world itinerary!

trip around the world itinerary

12) Japan

Again, I wish that I had more than two Asian countries to visit. But India and Japan are the only two I have been to! I hope to add more soon!

You’ll need to visit at least two Japanese cities because Tokyo is the big city and you’ll definitely be flying in here. But you’ll also have to visit Kyoto because it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, especially during cherry blossom and fall foliage season, and everyone needs to see it.

If you want to spend more time in Japan, spend some time eating amazing food in Osaka, visiting the deer in Nara, exploring the history of Hiroshima, or hiking in the mountains near Takayama. Then our trip around the world itinerary continues!

trip around the world itinerary

13) Australia

If you have time on your trip around the world itinerary, you can visit New Zealand as well, but for now I’m going to stick to Australia. I’ve only been to two cities in Australia: Sydney, which you can see in my photo above, and Melbourne.

They are both amazing cities, and I can recommend so many things to do in each. Melbourne has a great aquarium, botanical garden, and fantastic street art. Plus, it has these cool “lanes” that are fun to explore.

Sydney has the famous harbor, Opera House, and Taronga Zoo. It’s really got one of the prettiest settings of any city I have visited, outside of Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro, which we will be hitting up soon. Then it’s on to the next stop on our trip around the world itinerary.

trip around the world itinerary

14) Buenos Aires

I’ve also only been to two countries in South America: Argentina and Brazil. However, I think those will work just fine for our trip around the world itinerary. And then we can say that we’ve been to all six continents.

Buenos Aires is one of the most delightful cities on the planet. There are world class museums, delightful river cruises, delicious steak, and of course, the tango!

I recommend taking a day trip to Tigre or spending some time walking around the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve. This will make you see some of the beauty of Argentina, so you know there’s more than just a big city. Don’t forget to eat a choripan sandwich while you are there!

Then all that’s left is the last stop on our trip around the world itinerary.

trip around the world itinerary

15) Brazil

We now get to experience another of the most beautiful countries in the whole world as the last stop on our trip around the world itinerary.

Brazil has many fantastic cities, and I especially recommend Rio de Janeiro. It has fabulous beaches, amazing food, gorgeous museums, and the friendliest people in the world. (And I should know because I have literally been around the world.)

But don’t miss the chance to see Iguazu Falls when you are in Brazil. You can also visit it from the Argentinian side, but I have only seen it from Brazil, and it is mind-blowing!

And there you have it! I hope I’ve gotten you excited to start your trip around the world itinerary right away!

Note: If you want to know how I put my travel itineraries together, just go here. Keep in mind that while each article is about how to spend 24 hours in a place, that doesn’t mean you should only enjoy spend 24 hours in each place.

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