A Perfect 24 Hours in Chernobyl, Ukraine

Some of my gentle readers may be confused that I’m recommending spending 24 hours in Chernobyl. After all, isn’t it Chernobyl a ghost town after the devastating nuclear accident in the 1980s that left so many people dead and disfigured? Why would we want...

A Perfect 24 Hours in Kiev, Ukraine

Some readers may be surprised to hear that I am recommending spending 24 hours in Kiev (also spelled Kyiv). After all, Ukraine’s capital is mostly in the news because of the war with Russia or because Ukraine elected a television personality as its new...

A Perfect 24 Hours in Odessa, Ukraine

Before my most recent trip to Eastern Europe, I had never considered spending 24 hours in Odessa. All I knew about Odessa is that the famous “baby carriage falling down the stairs” scene from the film Battleship Potemkin was filmed here. But I’m so...

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