24 Hours: United Nations Geneva Tour

If Geneva accomplished nothing else in its long history, it would still be renowned for its contributions to diplomacy. There’s a reason the rules concerning how we can treat POWs are the Geneva Conventions. Now, the place most people associate with Geneva and...

24 Hours in Geneva, Switzerland

I have already mentioned that I was a bit apprehensive about visiting Zurich before I went because I knew nothing about the city except that it was crazy expensive. This was not the case when I was planning my 24 hours in Geneva. I had actually worked in Geneva over...

One Day in Zurich Itinerary

Before coming to Zurich, I knew nothing about the city that I hadn’t seen in The Bourne Identity. I assumed it was a city made entirely of banks and international spies. How wrong I was! Spending 24 hours in Zurich and Zurich West taught me that the city is full...

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