A Perfect 24 Hours in Tulcea, Romania

I have to admit that before I spent 24 hours in Tulcea, I had never even heard of Tulcea. And my father’s family is from Romania, so I generally am more familiar with Romanian geography than many Americans. But it turns out that Tulcea (say it kind of like...

A Perfect 24 Hours in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania’s capital, often gets a bad rap with travelers. They say that Romania is a beautiful country, but Bucharest is run-down, boring, and full of hideous communist architecture. Why would anyone want to spend 24 hours in Bucharest? Now I initially...

24 Hours: Best Things to Do in Sinaia

So you want to find the best things to do in Sinaia Romania? Well, first you might be asking yourself what Sinaia is! Before my trip to Romania, I had never heard of Sinaia, so I’m assuming you haven’t heard of it either. It is an extremely popular town for hiking and...

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