24 Hours in Antigua: Shore Excursion

It is impossible to spend 24 hours in Antigua on a shore excursion and not feel relaxed at the end of the day. The locals in Antigua kept telling me that a popular phrase on the island is “Antigua Nice”. Antigua is indeed a very nice place to relax and...

24 Hours in St Kitts: Shore Excursion

Every time I visit a new place, I always find myself brimming with enthusiasm about my latest discovery! “This is my favorite place ever!” I chortle with glee. “I could come back here every year!” But I am particularly excited to share with you...

24 Hours in St Thomas: Things to Do

This itinerary for 24 hours in St Thomas is a little different from some of my previous 24 hour itineraries. Usually I follow the method traditionally followed by travelers. I book a hotel, I choose my own restaurants, and I select what activities I want to do on a...

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