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Greetings Internet Stranger! Some people reading this might be very skeptical that you need to know How to Write Itinerary for Travel. Well, let’s do a thought experiment. What would you say if a friend told you that she was planning her dream wedding. However she was not going to spend any time planning her wedding dress, the catering, or the decorations.

She and her spouse weren’t even going to plan a location; they were just going to wander around on the day of the wedding and pop into a place that looked good. All your friend wanted to was to spend a substantial amount of money on this event. As long as she was dropping mad stacks on the wedding, she didn’t really care what happened at the event.

You’d probably think your friend had lost every single last one of her marbles, right? And yet some people seem to think that it’s more authentic to not know How to Write Itinerary for Travel. It’s one thing if you’re one of those rare, lucky souls who actually has three months off to backpack through Sweden or something. But for most people, even a budget trip is a big expense. You want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your trip and spending your pennies wisely. That is why you need to know How to Write Itinerary for Travel.

But even someone who loves to plan trips as much as I do doesn’t think you should plan every moment. You shouldn’t plan trips so carefully that there’s no time to breathe or to spontaneously drink port with a retired couple from South Bend, Indiana. But there are certain elements of the trip that do need to be planned ahead. Allow me to help you out with my…

approximately top 5: How to Write Itinerary for Travel!

How to Write Itinerary for Travel
1) transportation

This is the number one thing you need to research before you begin a trip. It is such a bummer to set off for a destination, only to realize you cannot get there or that a plane ticket is prohibitively expensive. I realized this when I was planning an upcoming trip to South Africa.

I thought I would fly into Cape Town and then fly home from Johannesburg, but this was going to cost me a preposterous amount of many. It was more than two times cheaper for me to fly into and out of Johannesburg. If I didn’t plan trips in advance with the care and precision of General Patton going into battle, I wouldn’t have been able to afford South Africa.

tirana albania plan trips carefully

If you’re planning a multi-destination trip, it’s even more important to know How to Write Itinerary for Travel. This summer I traveled all around the Balkans. I was planning to travel from Tirana, Albania to Skopje, North Macedonia. There was just one problem. There are no trains in Tirana, and there’s just one unreliable bus from Tirana to Skopje that leaves very early in the morning. So unless I could find a more reliable form of transportation, I needed to adjust the plan.

Fortunately I found a company called My Daytrip that hires drivers to take you from city to city, which totally saved my itinerary. But imagine if I hadn’t planned the transportation carefully before the trip! I might still be stuck in Albania! (Albania is a lovely country, but it’s not home, you know.)

royal caribbean towel bat
2) hotels

The next most important step when you want to plan trips is choosing a hotel. Some people just like to show up in a city and find a place on the spot. But that’s just not always possible. I mean, obviously if you want to meet my friend Towel Bat here on a cruise, you’re going to need to book the cruise in advance. They will not let you on the cruise if you just show up day of.

But not knowing How to Write Itinerary for Travel can be dangerous, especially for a solo female traveler. After all, there might be a festival or special even that you don’t know about and all the hotels will be booked up. You might not think this is likely, but I actually once showed up in Canada totally without realizing that it was Canadian Thanksgiving, eh?

how to plan trips

There are a few things you need to research in advance when choosing a hotel. Is it in a safe location? Is it affordable? Is it clean? And is there staff available to help if there’s a problem? I once booked an incredibly cheap hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden without doing careful research. It was in an inconvenient location, it wasn’t clean, and there was no staff.

To top it all off, one of the residents in the hotel, a young man with a shaved head and two suspiciously missing front teeth, kept following me around and waiting outside my room. I realized because there was no staff, if he murdered me in the night, there would be no one to hear me scream.

I ended up not being murdered. But this kind of drama can be avoiding if you know How to Write Itinerary for Travel.

African American History Museum
3) reservations

It’s such a pity to travel a long distance to see something special and then not get your heart’s desire. But some attractions and restaurants need you to make reservations far in advance, and if you don’t know How to Write Itinerary for Travel, you won’t know that you need to reserve a ticket. One example is the National Museum of African American History and Culture, pictured above. It’s free, like all the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC. But you need to reserve your ticket in advance because it’s so popular.

statue of liberty

There are many other attractions worldwide that require advance tickets: the Statue of Liberty, the Anne Frank House, really the list goes on and on. Fortunately the solution is simple. If you’re dying to see a particular attraction, just go on their website and see if you need tickets to get in. It’s a solution that takes just a few seconds and saves so much time.


Some restaurant reservations also require you to plan trips in advance. Most won’t be as hardcore as Maaemo in Oslo, which required me to wake up at an ungodly hour in the morning three months ahead of my visit, just so I could snag a table. But in my hometown NYC, many popular restaurants require reservations in advance. Again, a little preparation is worth a pound of having a meal at a terrible restaurant.

royal palace of madrid
4) opening hours

Sometimes popular attractions can have unusual or unexpected opening hours and holidays. Again, if you plan trips just a little bit by checking the website in advance, you can find this out. I learned this the hard way when I visited the Royal Palace in Madrid.

I didn’t check the website and was disappointed to find that the palace was closed. I presume the King of Spain was having some Kingly event, and I wasn’t invited. I did get into the palace on another day, but there’s no guarantee this will happen.

ogden museum of southern art

On the more positive side, sometimes museums will have extra opening hours and fun events that you could only know about if you check their website. For example, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans has late hours on Thursdays, which means live music and a rockin’ party. And there ain’t no party like a New Orleans party because a New Orleans party probably has absinthe.

japanese menu
5) check the menus

This won’t apply to everyone, but some people have dietary restrictions. And they’ll enjoy their meals much more if they plan trips in advance and check out the menu before they visit a place. Does the restaurant have vegetarian/vegan options? Is the restaurant gluten-free friendly? How about kosher/halal food? Don’t wait until you show up at the restaurant to find out! And nowadays, so many restaurants post their menus online, so doing research is much easier.

healthy food travel

Dietary restrictions aren’t the only reason to check menus in advance. I spend the summers traveling for about nine weeks at a time. (I know, poor me.) But as much as I love to eat, I can’t indulge at every meal or I’ll get sick. So I like to check menus in advance to see what the healthiest options are. That way I am prepared and I’ll make better decisions when I order. I recommend this for anyone who dines out a lot and wants to stay healthy!

travel coins
6) money

The last really important thing you need to think about when you plan trips is money. Of course, there’s always how much things cost. You don’t want to end up like me in Australia and almost get stranded in a foreign country with no money because your hotel accidentally charged your debit card twice for the full amount of your stay.

occupied slovenia currency

But there’s a lot more to consider about money. For example, what is the currency? You laugh, but when you travel around the Balkans, currency can change a lot. Slovenia and Montenegro are on the Euro, even though Montenegro isn’t in the EU yet, but Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia aren’t on the Euro, even though they ARE in the EU.

And finally, there’s the question of what kind of currency a business accepts. In Japan, many businesses are cash-only. So are many small, family-run hotels around the world. But some places in my hometown of NYC are cashless. And then there’s the question of which credit cards a place accepts. (I love my American Express card because it gets me into the Delta Sky Club, but it’s frequently useless when I travel abroad.)

But when you plan trips in advance, you’ll know the answers to all this questions. You can enjoy your trip feeling like a Confident, Smooth World Traveler instead of a Very Confused Tourist.

why you should plan trips

That’s How to Write Itinerary for Travel!

What do you think it’s important to think about when you want to know How to Write Itinerary for Travel? Why is currency in the Balkans so confusing? And why isn’t the King of Spain inviting me to his rocking parties even though I would bring absinthe? Please leave your thoughts below!

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