Best Places to Eat and Drink in Greenwich Village (Approximately Top 10)

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Greetings, Internet Stranger, and welcome to the best places to eat and drink in Greenwich Village!

Greenwich Village, in the heart of New York City, is one of the finest dining destinations in the world! (I am a little biased, as I was born and raised here. And nothing would bring me more pleasure than to take you on a magical journey through some of its greatest restaurants and food stores! Let’s head off right away!

Li Lac Chocolate

Li Lac Chocolate has several locations, but I prefer the one on Bleecker Street. They have standard filled chocolates, as well as more seasonal shapes and creations, like chocolate turkeys. As one kindergartener I know said when he saw one of their chocolate dogs, “WOW! I didn’t even know that a dog could be chocolate!”

best places to eat and drink in greenwich village

Nice Day Chinese

Nice Day Chinese is a spin-off from the fast casual restaurant Junzi Kitchen. I got really into this place when indoor dining was shut down in NYC because they did an amazing pop-up delivery series. But now you can go there and dine-in or get takeout any time you want. My favorite dishes on the menu are their ribs, their dan dan noodles, and their kung pao chicken.

places to eat and drink in greenwich village

En Japanese Brasserie

If you’d like to try Japanese food beyond sushi, En Japanese Brasserie is for you! This place offers elegant tasting menus and delicious cocktails, but their big specialty is their silken housemade tofu. Don’t miss the chance to try it with uni on top!

Astor Wine and Spirits

Astor Wine and Spirits is the best liquor store in New York City. They have just about any kind of booze that a person could dream of. If you go on the weekends, you can often experience different tastings and special events. But my favorite deal is the Mixed Case of the Month.

You don’t have to subscribe, but each month they offer a different mixed case of wine, and you save a bunch of money on the whole thing. I’ve ordered these boxes on a semi-regular basis, and I’ve always enjoyed it! (And no, when you’re enjoying classy wines, it’s not sad to drink alone, as my grandma always used to say.)

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Greenwich Village (Approximately Top 10) 1

232 Bleecker

232 Bleecker is a vegetable forward restaurant. Though they do serve meat, the menu revolves around seasonal fruits and veggies, like this yummy pork with stone fruit that I enjoyed in the summer. This is a great place to bring a group of friends if some of them are vegetarian and some are not. I try to go once a season to experience the full variety of the menu.

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Greenwich Village (Approximately Top 10) 2

North Square

North Square has been a top-notch hotel restaurant since back when hotel restaurants were all supposed to be bad. Their best meal of the year is their delicious Mother’s Day Brunch, but you don’t need to have a mother or like brunch to come here. They specialize in bistro classics like steak frites or chocolate mousse!

Think Coffee

Think Coffee is a local chain in NYC, and they do serve perky coffee drinks. But my favorite order at their Bleecker Street location is the Bleecker Street only sandwich, which is topped with tons of melted cheesy goodness. It’s the perfect order on a cold day!

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Greenwich Village (Approximately Top 10) 3


Bessou is another Japanese restaurant that doesn’t specialize in sushi. In Bessou, they serve delicious Japanese comfort food. My favorite plates here are the slightly spicy shishito peppers and the light as a baby feather fried chicken, which is so snacky that I could literally eat it every day of the week!

song e napule

Song E Napule

I love almost every time of food, but I have to admit that while I adore pizza, I don’t always adore the crust. So please believe me when I say that Song E Napule has the best pizza crust in NYC. They make their pizzas topped with all sorts of authentically Italian goodies–I love the spicy Diavole the best. But the crust is so yum that I would honestly eat it plain.

mollys cupcakes

Molly’s Cupcakes

Molly’s Cupcakes has more than one location in the Midwest, but only one in New York City. If you come here, you’ll certainly be in for a treat, as their cupcakes are frosted and filled. I recommend the Samoa you can see above, or indeed any cupcake that is based off of a Girl Scout cookie.

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Greenwich Village (Approximately Top 10) 4

Bao Tea House

If you want an elegant and and quick lunch, I suggest stopping at Bao Tea House. They make delicious baked, steamed, and rice buns, as well as lovely tea with savory cheese foam on top. (Trust me, it’s delicious.) My favorite bao are the fried chicken and pork, but they have vegetarian options as well.

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Greenwich Village (Approximately Top 10) 5

Olio e Piu

There’s a wealth of delicious Italian restaurants in Greenwich Village, and Olio e Piu is one of my favorites, thanks to their authentic spaghetti Carbonara. Lots of restaurants serve gloopy Carbonara, but not Olio e Piu. It’s just the right amount of sauce, especially with that tempting egg on top. The CDC would not approve, but I do.

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