How to Find Destination Inspiration

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Greetings Internet Stranger! Some of you out there might be wondering why anyone would need destination inspiration. We all know traveling is the bee’s knees. It builds confidence! It teaches resilience! And it’s just plain fun.

But what happens when you lose the desire to travel? What if the thought of standing in LaGuardia Airport’s 9,000 hour security line brings a chill to your soul. What if you can’t stand the thought of waiting until Shavuot in the Roman sun waiting to get in the Colosseum, only to find that someone has stolen your wallet while you were distracted. How can you get some Destination Inspiration then?

One great way to get Destination Inspiration is by asking someone who loves to travel about the reasons for their wanderlust. That’s why I was excited for the opportunity to interview Megan from My Moments and Memories about her favorite things about travel and her best travel advice.

Megan and I have lots in common, like we both love food and doing research! But we are also different in important ways. For example, she is married and from New Zealand, and I’m single and from New York City. So she offers an interesting and different perspective.

I know I felt oodles of Destination Inspiration right away from reading Megan’s answers, and I’m sure you will too. So without further ado.

Approximately 10 Questions for destination inspiration

destination inspiration
Why did you start traveling?

My very first overseas trip was when I was 16.  Alone. I was desperate to see more of the world – as a family we never went anywhere.  (Mind you, in those days travel was not as common, and more expensive).

So I left school, got a job and worked for a year, then left on my first adventure from New Zealand
to Canada. (I had an Uncle in Vancouver, and an Aunt in Calgary, so those were my destinations.)  I flew via Hawaii, and met a very handsome steward on the plane – but that’s another story!

Why did you start travel blogging?

I started travel blogging as when I’ve travelled with others, everyone seems to end up asking me for advice, and wanting to follow me.  I think this is because I do a huge amount of research before I go, so I already have a good idea on an area’s attributes and what it is I want to see and experience.

Plus, I’ve learned I’m a fairly confident traveller – change, new systems etc don’t phase me, so I seem to be able to work my way around airports, train stations etc without any issues.  I’ve seen this is often not the case for others, particularly as people get older.

I also am pretty good at getting value for money while travelling  – I have no problem spending money (just ask the husband), but I like to think I spend it wisely. I really think about where it’s important to spend, and where you can save. So – I think my extensive planning etc can add value to others’ trips.

Travel Inspiration
How do you like to travel and why?

I like to travel anyway I can!  Seriously, every way has advantages.  Travelling on your own forces you to talk to more people, and this then brings up the opportunity for more spontaneous

Travelling with my husband is always fun, because hey, he’s my hubby.  And travelling with groups can be lots of fun if you all get along.  With groups you can split up and head out and do the things that each group is interested in, which can be an advantage at times.

What experiences do you look for when you travel?

My top experiences usually involve nature, architecture and food. I don’t seek out history, but
of course, it can be a significant part of some destinations.  It always teaches me how little I know of the world – and often, how lucky I am to have been born in New Zealand.

The world is mostly an incredibly beautiful place, and I love seeing how diverse it is, and how amazing Mother Nature can be.  And then there’s food!  It’s funny how food experiences can be some of the most memorable. Take me back to Belgium waffles any day!

What is your favorite place and why?

I’m not sure I can answer this, because I have visited so many amazing cities and countries, and many have been favourites! However, last year I had 4 months in Seattle, and they were a spectacular 4 months.  Seattle was experiencing one of their best summers ever, so that of course, coloured my perception of the city beautifully.  But I also found the city an amazing base to explore nature.

I started hiking there – there is a wealth of trails within 1-2 hours drive of the city, and the landscapes you hike in are incredible.  The city also sits on the edge of the Puget Sound, so
there is this amazing calm base of water everywhere, with Islands scattered like confetti.  The city itself is full of beautiful lakes, and downtown has lots to see and do.  Because I was only there for 4 months, I made the most of every minute, and have seen and experienced more of Seattle than any Washingtonian I have met yet.

Travel inspiration
What is your best souvenir and why?

Although I do try and buy something small from each country I visit, it is my photos that are my best and most favourite souvenirs. I am an album maker – creating the pages and telling the story of my travels in my albums allows me to revisit again and again.  And – it is amazing what you forget about places if you don’t write them down. My travel albums may not be so important to my kids, but they bring me a whole lot of joy, and are the best way to share a trip.

What is your craziest travel story?

Hmmm, maybe that has something to do with the Canadian steward, but that’s best told somewhere else!

What is your best piece of travel advice?

Do as much research as you can before you go – because ironically this will give you more
freedom once you arrive.  And if you’re travelling to a foreign country, try and learn a few words of their language.

Anything else?

I want to inspire middle aged women to start having the adventures they always wanted to. NOW is the perfect time.

How to Find Destination Inspiration 2

that’s how to find Destination Inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Megan’s advice as much as I did, and that you feel full of Destination Inspirationn. So take Megan’s advice and get out there to have the adventures you always wanted!. Then you can send us emails all about it!

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