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Are you looking to take a trip to Kilkenny Ireland? Excellent choice, Internet Stranger! Kilkenny is one of the most appealing places in Ireland. It looks like the sort of medieval city where a leprechaun would want to go on holiday. But now the only problem is finding the best Kilkenny accommodation. Fortunately I’ve got you covered. Follow me!

Once you have your Kilkenny accommodation decided, you’ll need to find some things to do! I’ve got a perfect 24 hours in Kilkenny itinerary right here! If you want to add on other days in Ireland, and you really should, I have itineraries for Galway here and for Dublin here. They’ll make planning your trip to Ireland ever so much easier!

Approximately Top 10: Kilkenny Accommodation

kilkenny accommodation

1) JBs Bar and Guest Accommodation

When I’m looking for a Kilkenny Accommodation, I choose JBs Bar and Guest Accommodation. It’s located right in the center of town, so you won’t waste any time when you get out of bed in the morning, heading for the sights of Kilkenny. The prices are extremely reasonable, especially compared to hotel prices in Dublin, and you often don’t need to prepay for the room.

In terms of facilities, they have single, double, and triple rooms, all with a private bath. Plus there’s free wifi and coffee in the rooms. That’s very important to me as I’m a digital nomad so I need wifi. I’m also an abusive goblin until I get my coffee in the morning. And apparently Irish courts don’t accept “I didn’t have my coffee yet” as an excuse for committing murder!

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kilkenny accommodation

2) City Centre B&B

City Centre B&B has some of the best reviews of any Kilkenny accommodation. It’s located just a short walking distance from Kilkenny Castle, which is the most famous tourist attraction in town. Of course since it’s a bed and breakfast, a yummy continental breakfast is served to all guests.

For all you workaholics/Instagram addicts, the wifi is free and available in the room. But for those who prefer chillaxing in nature, there’s a terrace and a garden available for your enjoyment. Let the friendly staff pamper you and show you around Kilkenny.

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Best Kilkenny Accommodation 2

3) Twin Oaks Bed and Breakfast

We might be sensing a bit of a theme here. After all, a cozy town like Kilkenny is the perfect place at which to stay in a bed and breakfast. And you can’t go wrong with the Twin Oaks Bed & Breakfast. Unlike the first two suggestions, this one’s out of town a bit, so you would probably need a car if you wanted to stay here. But being a little removed from the action might make this the perfect Kilkenny accommodation for you.

This bed and breakfast has free wifi, private bathrooms, and a breakfast that gets rave reviews. What else could you want from a cozy little b&b. And because it’s a family-run business, you get personalized attention from real live Irish locals! Everyone knows these are the friendliest kind of locals!

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kilkenny accommodation

4) Butler House

I know I already said my photos were of Kilkenny, not the hotels, but I really want to reiterate that this is St. Canice’s Cathedral, not the Butler House. However, the Butler House is definitely one of the pricier hotels that I recommend in Kilkenny. Stay here if you’re feeling a little like a splurge. As befitting a splurge, you get a full English/Irish breakfast every morning. All the blood pudding your little heart could desire!

But the Butler House has all the amenities you’d expect at a fine hotel: free Wifi, room service, a central location, chandeliers, etc. In fact, part of the reason Butler House has such a good location is that it’s actually part of the Kilkenny Castle Estate! So if you’ve ever wanted to live like Anglo-Irish royalty, you need to stay here!

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kilkenny accommodation

5) Carrigeen Glamping

Kilkenny is a funny sort of place to plan a trip to–budget-wise. Most of the accommodations aren’t very expensive, but it’s hard to find something really low budget like a hostel. However, for those who want to walk on the wild side a teeny tiny bit, there’s Carrigeen Glamping. You’ll need a car to get there, but if you love the Irish countryside it will be worth it. There’s no TV or Wifi, but there is breakfast served at the lodge every morning.

There are different kinds of rooms here. The pods have toilets inside, whereas if you get a yurt, the toilets are nearby outside the room. In either case, the glampers share a shower in the communal room. Just be wise, family travelers. Children are not allowed at Carrigeen Glamping.

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kilkenny accommodation

6) Leggetsrath B&B

Many of the Kilkenny accommodations are located either right inside town or a short drive outside. But Leggetsrath B&B is a little unusual. It’s actually located a short walk (about 1.5 miles) outside of town. So you get quiet surroundings and a lovely walk into town every morning. Leggetsrath also offers either a full English/Irish breakfast every morning…or a full Italian breakfast. I don’t know of many hotels in Kilkenny that will offer a delicious Italian breakfast! Leggetsrath is full of surprises!

Leggetsrath also has the usual amenities like free wifi, free parking, and private bathrooms. But you don’t really care about that, do you Internet Stranger? You’re just here for the Italian breakfast. Can’t fool me!

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kilkenny accommodation

7) Laragh House B&B

As you’ve probably guessed at this point, if you’re into B&Bs, Kilkenny is definitely the town for you! Laragh House B&B has a great location just 15 minutes away from Kilkenny Castle by foot. Every guest gets a full Irish breakfast, wifi, a private bathroom, and a coffee maker in the room.

For families traveling with kids, take note! Laragh House is child-friendly and children of all ages can stay here. There are even child care services available. (For an additional price.)

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kilkenny accommodation

8) Bridge View B&B

Bridge View B&B has a truly special location, in my opinion, because it’s right by the River Nore. The Nore isn’t nearly as famous as other Irish rivers like the Liffey, but I think it has its own quiet charm. The hotel is also located right in town, so it only takes four minutes to walk to Kilkenny Castle. (All distances in Kilkenny legally have to be calculated based on how far they are from Kilkenny Castle.)

Bridge View B&B also has all the amenities you’d expect from a Kilkenny B&B. Wifi? Check! Private bath? Check! Full Irish breakfast? Check! Italian breakfast? Probs no.

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kilkenny accommodation

9) San Antonio Guesthouse

Even the biggest B&B nerd might feel a little overwhelmed by all the bed and breakfasts in Kilkenny. So why not try a different type of Kilkenny accommodation? Here we have the San Antonio Guesthouse, which sounds more like it belongs in the US than Ireland. It has all the amenities a person could need like Wifi, a private bath, a coffee maker, and parking. And it’s only a 10 mile walk from Kilkenny Castle.

However, keep in mind that even though San Antonio Guesthouse is not called a bed and breakfast, they still provide guests with breakfast in the morning. (I’m pretty sure all guests also get a bed.) They’ll give you a delicious breakfast whether you like it or not! That’s just the Kilkenny way!

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Best Kilkenny Accommodation 3

10) Kilkenny Pembroke Hotel

Ah, here we have something a little different. Kilkenny Pembroke Hotel is an actual 4-star boutique hotel and not a bed and breakfast at all. It even has its own restaurant and glamorous spa. However, it has all the other features you’d expect at a Kilkenny bed and breakfast like wifi, parking, and private baths. It even has air conditioning if the weather is hot enough when you visit Ireland to require it. (Spoiler alert! It won’t be!)

Now you might expect that since this is definitely a hotel, not a bed and breakfast, you wouldn’t get breakfast included in the price, but you’d be wrong. Dead wrong. This is Kilkenny–you’re not walking away without a delicious breakfast.

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I hope this guide helped you find a Kilkenny accommodation you love! If not, you can explore over 100 other Kilkenny accommodation options right here! And I hope to run into you across the breakfast table in Kilkenny one of these days!

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