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Best Greenwich Village Tours 2023

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Greetings, Internet Stranger, and welcome to the best Greenwich Village Tours 2023! Now, you might be wondering what my qualifications are for writing a guide to the best Greenwich Village tours. In fact, you might even be wondering what Greenwich Village is.

Well, I’m happy to let you know that Greenwich Village is a charming and historic neighborhood in New York City. And I think I’m qualified to write about the area because I’ve lived in Greenwich Village my entire life! So it doesn’t get any more native New Yorker than me!

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Want to cut right to the chase, Internet Stranger? The best activity in Greenwich Village is this delicious food tour with tons of five-star reviews!

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Around the World in 24 Hours

Join me for a day of the best Greenwich Village tours, and I can guarantee we’ll find the perfect tour for you!

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Best Greenwich Village Tours

Tour 1: Secret Greenwich Village Food Tour

Food tours are the best kind of walking tour because you get history, exercise, and a chance to fill your belly with deliciousness all in one go. That’s just science.

I like this food tour company in particular and have used them in several different cities. That’s why I was amused to find that they have a tour in my very own neighborhood.

Check rates and availability of this great tour by going right here!

This made it pretty funny when the guide asked me where I was from, and I responded by saying that I lived just down the street from where the tour started.

However, just because I know Greenwich Village doesn’t mean that I know every restaurant and food shop. This tour showed me lots of wonderful places that I never knew about, so I’m sure it will do the same for you!

You can book this tour for yourself easily by clicking here.

Then get ready for…

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1) Bagel Time!

Bagels are one of the most famous New York foods. You absolutely can’t take one of the Greenwich Village tours of the best foods without trying one. Fortunately, you’ll get to check out an amazing bagel on this tour.

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2) Reuben Sandwich

Now, a Reuben sandwich seems like it would be from New York, but is it? Some legends say that it’s from Omaha, Nebraska. I personally think Omaha should get the credit because they are not as famous as New York is, but no one asked me.

What no one debates is that the Reuben is made from Rye bread surrounding corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut. It is 100 percent not Kosher and very delicious. You have the salty meat, the fat from the dressing, the sourness of the sauerkraut, and the slight sweetness of the rye bread coming together.

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24 Hour Tip

If you like cocktails, get the drink upgrade with the tour. For a low low price, you get a refreshing “secret cocktail” made with grapefruit and tequila to go with your Reuben. I am not sure why grapefruit and tequila go so well with Reubens, but some things are beyond explanation.

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3) Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a big deal in Greenwich Village because of Sex and the City. The four ladies, Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda made the cupcakes of Magnolia Bakery, which started in the Village, famous. I still see hordes of Sex and the City fans lined up outside the bakery to get their cupcake on.

We stopped at a lesser known bakery on this tour and sampled the red velvet cupcake which is colored with natural red…beet juice!

best things to do in greenwich village
4) Donuts

Our next tasting was in tribute to the first European settlers of the area: the Dutch! Some people say that the Dutch invented doughnuts, which they called olykoek. I’ve even tried olykoek at a historical museum in Staten Island, so I think it might very well be true.

Our doughnut treat on this tour was a beautiful everything doughnut, which is a cross between a doughnut and the famous New York everything bagel. This mythical creature was topped with a sweet cream cheese, but then all of the savory toppings from a proper everything bagel. You had sesame seeds, poppy, garlic, salt…If you like sweet + salty together, this is definitely for you.

best things to do in greenwich village
5) A New York Slice

Of course, no Greenwich Village tours of food are complete without a New York slice of pizza. Every New Yorker has her favorite slice shop. This pizza wasn’t from my absolute favorite stop, but it was still delicious.

The proper New York way to eat a slice is to fold it in half, then chomp it. You can use a napkin to dab some oil off, if you wish. NEVER use a fork and knife. Hey, I don’t make the rules.

best things to do in greenwich village

One of the rules of the Secret Food Tour is that there’s always one bite that’s supposed to be a surprise on the day of the tour. This is the secret bite on the tour that you can see in my photo above. I won’t tell you what it is. It’s delicious. But it’s secret.

24 Hour Tip

Check rates and availability by going here to find out the rest of the secrets!

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2) Greenwich Village Ghost Tour

After food tours, ghost tours are the second most fun type of walking tour, especially if you don’t mind being spooked. I’ve taken ghost tours in Savannah, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and even Edinburgh. However, there’s something thrilling about taking a ghost tour in one’s own home town, and this ghost tour is the best in Greenwich Village.

You can book this spooktacular tour by going here!

On this ghost tour, you’ll learn all about Greenwich Village, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York, and also one of the most haunted!

Some of the spoooky places you will visit are the Very Haunted Jefferson Market Library, where I used to borrow Oz books as a child, the haunted church of St. Lukes in the Fields, the creepy haunted Cherry Lane Theatre, and Chumley’s, which is one of the most famous restaurants in New York.

Also, ghosts live there. Wait, ghosts don’t actually live, do they? Ghosts…continue to be dead there.

There will be some other non-ghosty highlights on the tour, like a view of the famous house from Friends. (Friends was shot in LA, not Greenwich Village, but the exterior of the house is in the neighborhood.)

Check rates and availability by going here to find out the rest of the ghosts!

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3) Greenwich Village Donut Tour

You might be thinking that a donut tour is a weirdly specific type of tour. However, these kinds of tours are taking off all across the United States. After all, who doesn’t like donuts? They’re delicious, right? I myself have enjoyed a donut tour in Chicago, so I was excited to learn that there were donut Greenwich Village tours as well.

You can book this delicious tour by going here!

On this donut tour, you’ll get to sample several amazing donuts. It might sound like too much food, but they actually plan the tour so you get to experience just the right amount of donuts for your pleasure. You’ll also get to try several different types of donuts, not just a plain powdered sugar or anything silly like that. (No judgment if that is your favorite type of donut.)

Just be sure to not eat breakfast before the tour! You’re going to want to come hungry for this one. And don’t worry that it’s only donuts, donuts, donuts. You’ll get to see some beautiful architecture and experience Greenwich Village’s fascinating history, along with the baked goods.

Check rates and availability by going here to experience the delicious donut secrets!

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4) Greenwich Village Literary Pub Crawl

Nowadays, Greenwich Village is known for being home to New York University, lots of cute little buildings, and of course, MOI! But it has historically been known as a major hub for writers and artists as well. The only other literary pub crawl I had ever been on was in Dublin, and it rocked. But this one is just as delightful.

You can book this glamorous tour by going here!

On this literary pub crawl, you’ll learn all about the fabulous bohemians who made Greenwich Village what it is today. You have to pay if you actually want to get a drink at the bars, but if you don’t want to drink, you can just soak up the amazing knowledge your guide will have to share.

Just a few of the famous writers you can learn about on this tour include Thomas Paine, Lorraine Hansberry, Henry James, Jack Kerouac, James Baldwin, Edith Wharton, Bob Dylan (hey, he won the Nobel Prize, didn’t he?) And so many more!

Have you heard of Henry James’s classic novella Washington Square? Well, that takes place in Greenwich Village! Have you ever wanted to get your drink on at the favorite bar of sad Welsh poet Dylan Thomas? You’ll get your chance as well!

Check rates and availability by going here to get your learning AND your drink on!

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5) Greenwich Village Italian Food Tour

This Italian food tour is the last of the food on our Greenwich Village tours. On this tour, you’re going to learn all about the Italian influence on Greenwich Village, and you will taste some lovely eats. You’ll get to know famous folks like Father Demo of Father Demo Square, which is just down the street from my apartment.

So stop by and say hello while you’re in the neighborhood! That is, if you can guess my apartment building number. This is a Rumpelstiltskin kind of situation.

You can book this mouth-watering tour by going here.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re more interested in eating amazing Italian food than breaking into my apartment. On this tour, you’ll get delicious treats like pasta, these yummy rice balls called arancini, prosciutto, and a pastry from Rocco’s, which serves my all time favorite dessert: the majestic cannoli, which you can see in my photo above.

You’ll also stop at the best coffee shop in Greenwich Village, where I get all my morning coffee. (It’s also extremely affordable, so I suggest picking up a bag or two to take home after the tour is over. Your taste buds will thank me later!)

Check rates and availability by going here to feast on amazing Italian treats!

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6) Greenwich Village Walking Tour

For our final on the list of the best Greenwich Village tours, we’re going with a simple and classic walking tour. Sometimes you don’t want to meet a friendly ghost or drink with Bob Dylan or eat an entire pizza on a walking tour. (Did any of those things actually happen to me on these tours? I’ll never tell.)

Anyway, sometimes you just want to enjoy a little peace, quiet, history, and a fabulous walking tour. And I’m biased because Greenwich Village is my neighborhood, but I do truly think that it’s the best neighborhood for walking. Most buildings in this neighborhood are historically preserved and not allowed to be very tall, so you’ll get to see a special side of New York City that not everyone gets to experience.

You can book this beautiful tour by going here!

Greenwich Village was and is an extremely important neighborhood in the struggle for LGBT rights. At the famous Stonewall Inn, you’ll learn about the Stonewall Uprising and why it was so crucial.

You’ll also get to visit the house where Edgar Allen Poe lived, though I’m pretty sure that Poe spent time in every city on the Eastern Seaboard. I have literally seen Poe sights in Baltimore, Richmond, Charleston, Providence and Philadelphia, as well as New York.

The one thing I can’t capture perfectly on this blog is the beauty of Greenwich Village, my home sweet home. I hope you’ll get to fall in love with the magic of my neighborhood on one of these tours as well!

Check rates and availability by going here to experience the magic of Greenwich Village!

greenwich village tours

Best Greenwich Village Tours

Where to Stay?

If you’re a tourist in New York City, you’ll probably be staying in a hotel while you explore the best Greenwich Village tours. I mean, maybe you have a kind relative who will let you crash in their spare room, but that kind of space is rare in Manhattan.

I recommend staying in the Artezen Hotel in Lower Manhattan. It’s very easy to get to all of the best Greenwich Village tours. Just take the C train up to West 4th street, and you’ll be in the right neighborhood in a jiffy. Plus, the rooms are affordable and cozy, and there’s free snacks, coffee, and fancy bath products in your room.

best things to do in greenwich village

If you’d like a convenient and affordable hotel in NYC, click here. And if low prices and a great location scare you, just click here. This search engine will help you find the perfect place to stay as the base for your day of the best things to do in the Village. With hundreds of options to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something for your schedule and budget.

best greenwich village tours

Best Greenwich Village Tours

What to Pack?

  • A cell charger so you can take photos of all the best Greenwich Village experiences
  • If you’re looking for a guidebook to NYC, this is my favorite choice. It will introduce you to even more of the best things to do in Greenwich Village.
  • My book Get Lost, that I wrote myself with all my best travel tips. This book will show you exactly how solo travel can take you on a journey of self discovery
  • The most reliable travel umbrella that is small enough to fit in my purse, but strong enough to stand up to powerful winds
  • These great TSA approved clear toiletries bags, so I can always keep spare toothpaste and travel sized toiletries in any carry-on.
best greenwich village tours

Best Greenwich Village Tours

How To Get There

Now, I wish I knew where you lived, Internet Stranger. But sadly, I do not, and so I can’t tell you exactly how to get from your home to New York City so you can find the best Greenwich Village tours

However, if you need to take a plane or car to get to New York City, I recommend Expedia for the best way to find the cheapest flight or car rental, depending on how you want to get around. Just click here to start looking for the best possible deals on your flight or car rental, so you can head out to find the best Greenwich Village tours ASAP.

That’s the Best Greenwich Village Tours!

What do you think are the best Greenwich Village tours? Are you ready to start booking your hotel in New York right now? Please email me at and let me know.

Note: If you want to know how I put my travel itineraries together, just click here. Keep in mind that while each article is about how to spend 24 hours in a place, that doesn’t mean you should ONLY spend 24 Hours with the best Greenwich Village tours.

And there’s a million other things to do in New York City. Want to spend Christmas in New York? With the Brooklyn Bridge? What about 24 hours in Manhattan? How about the Bronx? Or the best museums in Manhattan? I’ve got you covered here!