Barbados Shore Excursion Tours: A Perfect 24 Hours

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Greetings Internet Stranger and welcome to 24 hours in Barbados Shore Excursion tours edition. Barbados is definitely one of the most beautiful and fascinating islands in the Caribbean. (I feel like I say this about every island I visited in the Caribbean. But they really all are that beautiful and fascinating! It’s not like I’m raving about Secaucus.)

24 Hours on a Barbados shore excursion is definitely not enough to see everything the country has to offer. But when you’re visiting as part of a Royal Caribbean cruise, 24 hours on Barbados shore excursion tours will have to do.

I suggest spending the morning exploring the historic capital of Bridgetown on your own. That will leave plenty of time in the afternoon for a shore excursion to the Mount Gay Rum distillery. History and rum in one day! What more could a pirate nerd ask for?

barbados shore excursion

Barbados Shore Excursion

Where To Stay?

Since we’re only spending the daytime finding the best things to do on the Barbados shore excursion, we won’t need a hotel in Barbados. We’ll be returning to the ship at night, so just make sure you book a cruise that makes a stop in the Barbados cruise port, otherwise this itinerary won’t be much use to you.

I always cruise with Royal Caribbean because I get loyalty points, I like their Drink of the Day scheme, and there are no sketchy guys around trying to lure me back to their cabin because it’s a family cruise line.

You can find all of Royal Caribbean’s cruises that stop for a Barbados shore excursion here. And you can look for great cruise deals by booking through Expedia here.

Barbados Shore Excursion

What to Pack

  • A cell charger so your GPS tracker on your phone will stay charged all day as you explore your Barbados shore excursion.
  • The best travel adapter just in case you are not American and want to use Barbadian electrical outlets. (American plugs will work here.)
  • My favorite guidebook to Barbados
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  • I always travel with travel insurance from World Nomads. You never know when something might go wrong, especially in this day and age, and you don’t want to get stranded in a foreign country without help. You never know when extreme weather will strike or some other emergency. But with travel insurance, you’re protected even if you’re attacked by deranged sentient coconuts on your Barbados shore excursion.
barbados shore excursion

24 Hours in Barbados Shore Excursion Tours

Morning: Explore Bridgetown

You should definitely start your 24 hours in Barbados shore excursion in its capital, Bridgetown. Bridgetown is arguably the most historic city in the Caribbean. It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it’s such an excellent example of a British colonial city. That’s right, the entire city is historically protected. Can you say the same, Secaucus, New Jersey?

I had initially wanted to explore Bridgetown on a Barbados Shore Excursion. Unfortunately the excursion was canceled because I am literally the only person in the world who both wants to go on a cruise and go for a walk at the same time. Not a problem though because I am more than capable of finding the wonders of Bridgetown on my own! I present to you…

Approximately top 5: Barbados Shore Excursion Edition

barbados shore excursion
1) Chamberlain Bridge

What would a city called Bridgetown be without its bridges? The most notable is the Chamberlain Bridge, which is home to the Independence Arch. Barbados was a British colony for many years, finally gaining independence in 1966. The Arch was erected in 1987 on the 21st anniversary of Barbados’s independence. If you look closely, you can see the arch is decorated with symbols of Barbados, like the Pelican. (Remember the Pelican. He’ll be important later.)

barbados shore excursion

Don’t miss this painting of Errol Walton Barrow on the arch. He was the first Prime Minister of Barbados and he helped lead the country to independence from the United Kingdom. He’s basically the George Washington of Barbados. Barrow’s birthday on January 21st is a national holiday in Barbados as well.

barbados shore excursion
2) National Heroes Square

No 24 hours in Barbados is complete without a stop in National Heroes Square. National Heroes Square holds many of the main monuments of Bridgetown. Many of these are reminders of Barbados’s time as part of the British Empire. (In fact National Heroes Square used to be named Trafalgar Square.)

In the distance in the photo above, you can see the Cenotaph War Memorial. It is in memory of those Barbadians who were killed fighting for England in World War I and World War II. A Remembrance Day Parade is held here every year, if you happen to be in Bridgetown on November 11th.

barbados shore excursion

Since this was Trafalgar Square, a monument to Lord Nelson was erected here in the early 1800s. This statue is actually quite a bit older than the statue in London. Nyah, nyah London. Compared to Bridgetown you might as well be Secaucus (at least when it comes to Nelson monuments).

barbados shore excursion

Perhaps the most striking building in Bridgetown are the Parliament Buildings. You can see that the clock tower is reminiscent of the houses of Parliament back in London.

barbados shore excursion

Perhaps the most unique monument in Bridgetown is this opalescent dolphin fountain. It commemorates the bringing of running water to Bridgetown. First of all, I feel there is nothing like this fountain in London. I can’t swear to that though because London is a big city and I’m not familiar with all its fountains.

Also I don’t know why there are dolphins celebrating the arrival of running water. I kind of feel like dolphins don’t need running water. If I’d been left in charge of this fountain, it would be decorated with hands or dishes or even a bubble bath.

barbados shore excursion
3) Nidhe Israel Synagogue

OK, now I think I’ll be able to give you a little surprise for your 24 hours in Barbados. Barbados is home to one of the oldest synagogues in the Americas, Nidhe Israel. The first Jewish people came to Barbados in 1628. They were escaping religious persecution from the Portuguese in Brazil. Naturally the synagogue pictured above is not the exact synagogue from the 1600s. It was restored in the 1980s. But it’s still amazing that such a historic building is available for tourists to visit today.

barbados shore excursion

You can also explore the cemetery attached to the museum. The oldest grave here dates back to 1658. That’s about 75 years before George Washington was born. You can notice some symbolism on some of the gravestones. One of the most common images is the hand of God destroying the tree of life. That’s a really dark image, even for a cemetery! I think most people would rather look at cherubs or flowers than the fist of an angry God.

barbados shore excursion

The synagogue also has an outstanding interactive museum attached. The museum’s mission is to educate about the Jewish community in Barbados and also the Jewish role in Caribbean trade. Also the museum has excellent air conditioning which is always welcome in Barbados. My favorite artifact here was this Torah from the 1930s. It’s rare to see one so close up in a museum like this.

barbados shore excursion
24 hour treasure: mikvah

Amazingly, the mikvah, or ritual bath, from the 17th century was discovered intact when they were excavating the area around the synagogue. You can enter the mikvah area with your tour of the museum. It’s truly like stepping back in time to enter this space.

barbados shore excursion
4) Chefette

After all that history and walking, you’re going to get hungry! Eat like a real Barbadian at Chefette! I was told by every Barbadian I spoke to that Chefette is the reason there are no McDonalds in Barbados. It is a fast food chain, but it is truly a local fast food chain. You will very likely be the only tourist inside if you stop here for lunch.

barbados shore excursion

The specialty at Chefette is this admittedly not terribly appetizing looking wrap called a roti. But inside is a wonderfully spicy meat, vegetable, and potato curry concoction. It’s so much more flavorful and less generic than I’m used to experiencing at fast food restaurants.

barbados shore excursion

The other can’t miss item at Chefette is the rum & raisin ice cream. You can truly taste the rum in every bite. But don’t get too drunk on ice cream, Internet Stranger! We’ve got a whole nother rum tasting ahead of us.

barbados shore excursion
5) Pelican craft centre

The Pelican Craft Centre is an excellent idea. It’s a center where artists and craftspeople from all over Barbados can come sell their goods. Because the centre is so near the port, it’s easy for tourists to come here. This is a much more authentic place to shop than any of the kiosks in the cruise terminal.

I’ve bought paintings from the Barbados Arts Council, a gorgeous handmade bowl from the artist himself at the Pottery Palace, and polymer clay jewelry from Angelique Custom Creations.

Again, the artist herself showed me how to style the jewelry. It’s always so much better to buy something from the person who made it. Then you know the object was made by someone who really loved it, and it gives you a happy memory every time you look at it. That’s worth a lot more than some shot glass or magnet.

barbados shore excursion

24 Hours in Barbados Shore Excursion Tours

Afternoon: Mount Gay Distillery Tour

Now it is time for our shore excursion! And what could be more appropriate for 24 hours in Barbados than a visit to the Mount Gay Distillery? It is the oldest rum distillery in the world! I told you Barbados was historic! UNESCO heritage sites, oldest synagogue in the American, and now some 300 year old rum. And they say rum only gets better with age. I’ll yo ho ho some more with…

Three fun facts about rum

barbados shore excursion
1) how old is mount gay?

The Mount Gay Rum distillery was founded in 1703. However, Barbadians had been making rum before then. Apparently the concoction they came up with by fermenting molasses was such rough drinking that they called it Kill-Devil. And yet people still drank it! I suppose humans will put up with anything for a little buzz to distract themselves from the pain of existence.

Mount Gay Rum was named for one of the distillery’s managers, Sir John Gay. He took over managing the distillery at the request of its owner, John Sober. I know that sounds like a ridiculous “fact” I would make up just to make you feel silly, but it isn’t. The distillery was really owned by a guy named Sober.

barbados shore excursion
2) What kinds of rums are there?

All rums are not equal. In fact, Mount Gay employs a master blender named Allen Smith to ensure that each rum comes out just right. We tasted three rums on this tour: the Eclipse, the Black Barrel, and the XO. The Eclipse is a gold, medium-bodied rum.

Our guide gave us very thorough instructions about the proper way to drink each rum. This one, she said, should be served either on the rocks or in a cocktail like the Rum Runner. One thing I’m definitely not going to do is argue with a Barbadian rum tour guide!

barbados shore excursion

Our next rum was the Black Barrel. This is bolder than the Eclipse, but our guide said it can also be consumed on the rocks or in a cocktail. But this time she suggested using it in place of whiskey in certain cocktails. How about using rum AND whiskey in the same cocktail? No, that sounds disgusting. Please never listen to me. Listen to the Barbadian rum tour guide.

barbados shore excursion

Our last rum was the XO. This was by far the strongest rum we had. It is aged 8 to 15 years until it really does taste kind of like a whiskey. Our guide said we should drink it on the rocks or neat, but not use it in a cocktail because that would be a waste.

I bought a bottle of the XO at the Mount Gay store. I tend to be a whiskey girl, so it would make a nice change of pace. Also I saved 20 dollars by buying it here instead of at home.

barbados shore excursion
3) what’s with the red caps?

The oddest fact we learned at the distillery was about the Mount Gay red caps. These caps are awarded to sailors who race in a Mount Gay sailing regatta. You can’t buy them or get them any other way.

Hearing this really triggered my greedy side. I usually would never wear a cap of any sort, but when I learned that there’s no way to buy these caps, I started to crave one more than anything. I’m already secretly planning my heist of the Mount Gay distillery, but I won’t take any rum. I just want those red caps.

barbados shore excursion
24 hour treasure

On our way to the Mount Gay Distillery, our driver took us on a brief scenic tour of the area. My favorite spot was this sign pointing out Rihanna Drive. The “Umbrella” singer was from this street in Barbados, and they recently named it Rihanna Drive in her honor. (The sign calls her “our diamond”.)

Rihanna wrote an Instagram post about the renaming ceremony and mentioned that she had to sell glass bottles to be able to afford American snacks when she was a kid. I always get choked up when I read stories like that. Be nice to everybody folks! You never know what the future holds.

barbados shore excursion

24 Hours in Barbados Shore Excursion Tours

Evening: Cruise Time

Sadly that’s the end of our 24 hours in Barbados and historic Bridgetown! We’ll have to return to our ship and relax with a mystery novel and a refreshing pina colada. Poor us!

Of course, you don’t have to have a mystery novel and a pina colada. You could take a romance novel and a strawberry daiquiri. There’ll be no judgement from me!

barbados shore excursion

Or you could attend the evening’s free entertainment! Usually towards the end of the cruise, the dancers put on a big medley of Broadway songs. I’m a huge Broadway nerd, so I like to see how many of the songs I can identify. Then I always get angry if too many songs are from Mamma Mia or something. ABBA isn’t Broadway!

barbados shore excursion

Even if we can’t all agree on ABBA, we can agree this towel bear is adorable. Rihanna is Barbados’s diamond, and Towel Bear is my diamond. And with that, good night!

barbados shore excursion

Barbados Shore Excursion

How To Get There

Now, I wish I knew where you lived, Internet Stranger, because I could send you a box of the finest rum. But sadly, I do not, and so I can’t tell you exactly how to get from your home to the Caribbean.

But I can tell you that I used a lovely airplane to get from my hometown NYC to London, and then I took a shorter flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where my cruise was docked. I recommend Expedia for the best way to find the cheapest flight to the Caribbean at the best time of day.

You can even use Expedia to rent a car so you’ll be all set when you arrive at your destination. (I can’t drive, but if you can, this must be helpful.)

Just click here to start looking for the best possible deals on your flight, so you can head out on your Barbados shore excursion ASAP.

That’s 24 Hours in Barbados Shore Excursion Tours

What would you do with 24 hours in Barbados? Are you ready to start booking your hotel in Barbados right now? What’s the best city, Bridgetown, London, or Secaucus? And do you think my Red Cap Heist will be successful? Please leave your thoughts below.

Note: If you want to know how I put my travel itineraries together, just click here. Keep in mind that while each article is about how to spend 24 hours in a place, that doesn’t mean you should ONLY spend 24 hours in Barbados. If you want to see some of the other itineraries from my cruise, check out St ThomasSt KittsSt Lucia, and Antigua.

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