1 Perfect Apartment Makeover Staycation

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Why would a travel blog be writing about an apartment makeover? Times have been hard for a travel blogger lately. How can we get out to 24 hours in Osaka or a one day itinerary in Stockholm when everybody is supposed to stay home?

So I used the time when I was trapped in my teeny tiny NYC apartment to take part in an apartment makeover! Please keep in mind that my apartment is extremely ugly and hasn’t been worked on in any conceivable sense since the 1970s, well before I was born. But I did my level best to make it look nice. And now I’m going to walk you through exactly what I did!

Apartment Makeover: Kitchen Edition

I also took part in a very complicated cooking staycation, so I’m going to save most of my recommendations for cooking equipment for that post. And because I rent my apartment and have a limited budget, there’s little I can do to make a kitchen look better.

But one thing that makes any kitchen better and cozier is a perfect setup for serving warm beverages. My favorite warm beverage of all has got to be coffee. What else can perk you up so well in the morning when you are groggy and still taste delicious when paired with some nice cannoli at the end of a delicious Italian dinner?

The easiest way to make coffee is to use those convenient coffee pods. This is my favorite coffee pod maker. I like it so much that when I realized New York City was going to get shut down, I bought a back up so that I would never be without.

However, sometimes you want the freshly ground stuff! I buy all my coffee beans at Puerto Rico Coffee Importers. You can find their coffee online here. I just get the weekly special because it’s always delicious and at a great price.

Any high quality coffee tastes better when you grind the beans fresh. I use this coffee grinder because it’s affordable and runs perfectly even after over a year of use. Then I put the ground beans into this coffee maker. I start the machine just before stepping into the shower, so that way the fresh coffee is ready for me when I step out. A perfect start to the day!

But sometimes I want tea to be my warm beverage, especially if it’s right before I’m going to sleep. I enjoy a nice cup of herbal tisane, like peppermint or rooibos. The easiest way to make tea is to use this fabulous electric kettle. It gets my water boiling in no time at all.

Sometimes I want to make iced tea, in which case I throw my teabag and a bunch of boiling water into a giant pitcher. This is the exact model I use, and it costs almost nothing, especially considering the pleasure it brings me. Then I stuff the whole thing into my fridge, and in a few hours, you have iced tea. (Probably you should take the tea bag out at some point.)

apartment makeover

Apartment Makeover: Window Edition

The curtain situation in my apartment was really dire when I started this makeover. I mean to say that I had no curtains. They had originally been made out of plastic in the 1970s, and they had all disintegrated or been shredded by cats over the years.

Having no curtains at all is terrible when you live in a New York City apartment. You need to change clothes in the bathroom because at least the bathroom has no windows. But everyone across the way can basically see into your apartment at all times. I felt like I was always starring in the world’s least exciting production of Rear Window.

But fortunately it’s very easy to set up your own window treatment, even if, like me, you don’t have any hooks or fixtures on which to hang your curtains. I found these wonderful and cheap curtain rods that will magically attach to the walls. You just need to measure your window area to see which curtain rods will fit.

I got these curtain rods for my small windows…

And these curtain rods for my big windows.

Now that you have your curtain rods, you’re going to need your curtains. I have my walls decorated with pictures I get from my travels, and each wall has a different color scheme. So I just picked my curtains to match the pictures on the walls.

apartment makeover

I think these green curtains went smashingly with my green pictures and my terrible 1970s cottage cheese walls.

On other walls, I used blue curtains, beige curtains, and yellow curtains. One other thing I like about these curtains is that they are blackout curtains, which means they let you sleep in as late as you want. Mr. Sunshine’s not going to get you out of bed if you don’t feel like it!

Apartment Makeover: Living Room/Bedroom Edition

The easiest way to give your living space a makeover is to get your stuff more organized. I don’t know about you, but having clothes all over the place just makes any bedroom look much worse. That’s why I was happy to find this gaggle of hangers. They’re so affordable, and now I always have a convenient way to put away my jackets and skirts.

Of course, it’s impossible to keep anything organized without a trashcan. These trashcans take up almost no space and look sleek and clean no matter what you put in them.

People don’t always think of keeping their electronics organized, but messy electrical cords are unsightly. That’s why this convenient surge protector is great for keeping all my appliances in one place and organized in appearance.

No item brightens up a bedroom like new sheets! I have an unusually small bed, so I was happy to find these specially sized sheets that fit it to a T! They keep my sleep cozy even though my bed is so tiny, it’s basically like going to sleep in a nutshell.

Finally, if your apartment, like mine, doesn’t have working air conditioning, nothing beats adding a shiny new fan! This large fan keeps me cool even on the sweatiest NYC summer days.

That’s a Perfect Apartment Makeover Staycation!

What would you do on an apartment makeover staycation? Is your bed larger or smaller than a nutshell? Please email me at [email protected]

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